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Our community consist of creative entrepreneurs, independent professionals and enterprise teams fueled by curiosity and a supportive mindset. Over 70 companies resides in our spaces, and every year over 100 companies are through our space in one of our programs and courses.

"Being part of the Innovation Dock community has given us the network we need and opportunities we didn’t have before."
"Innovation Dock has been my irreplaceable «Business for dummies» go-to-guide during my early start-up phase."
"Innovation Dock has enabled flexible and efficient growth for Datagumbo. The environment is truly unique."
"When you connect ideas, people and companies, great things will happen.
Innovation Dock will be more than a place for this, it will be a driving force."
"Being part of the Innovation Dock community has given us the network we needand opportunities we didn’t have before."

Inspired by the participatory culture of the open source movement and the empowering nature of it, we are building a more sustainable future. Claim your space, connect and join the collaborate spirit.

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News from our community

Kluge og Håmsø bistår miljøene på Innovation Dock

Kluge Advokatbyrå har spisskompetanse og lang erfaring med å bistå gründerbedrifter, sammen med Håmsø Patentbyrå inngår de partnerskap med Innovation Dock. Duoen har tar nå et nytt steg og flytter inn på Innovation Dock.

CreativeTech livesending 26.11.20

Kjempeinnsats fra selskapene som deltok under delfinalen av CreativeTech Hunt i går – gratulerer til vinnerne fra Stavanger som skal konkurrere i den nasjonale finalen (LIVE-streaming) 26.11.20 kl.13.00.

ScientiaMobile at day – angel investing at night

We’re counting down the days to the official opening of our coworking-space in Sandnes, but as we speak an awesome bunch of companies are moving in – meet one of our newest members!


April 2, 2020

Up your LinkedIn Game! Zoom Meetup

Five steps to turn connections into currency! In this time of Covid19 and isolation, how are you maximizing Linkedin as an entreprenur?

09:00 - 11:00


March 6, 2020

Hjelp jeg har blitt selger!

“Hjelp, jeg har blitt selgerr?“ Sammen med Sigbjørn Groven, med-gründer og salgssjef i Futurehome har vi satt sammen et gratis program for gründerbedrifter.



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