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When we open our new coworking-space Apache in Sandnes, an awesome bunch of companies are ready to move in! Meet one of our first members – Åge Martin Kranzmann, together with four others he makes up EIK!


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Meet the Apache-members

Let's introduce you to the Innovation Dock members – companies and resourceful individuals who wants to grow their businesses, and contribute to an unique collaborative community. Are you feeling curious about the awesome people who make up the startup-ecosystem in Sandnes? Alright, here we go. So far we've questioned out (!!) Rolf-André Tollefsen Enjoy, and you've met Hilde – founder of bbhug! It's time to introduce you to our friend Åge Martin – who recently established EIK Management together with a few other individuals along his calibre. His business might be fresh out of the starting blocks, but him and his team are far from rookies. Welcome to the dock!

Q&A with Åge Martin Kranzmann from EIK Management

Q: Now, who are YOU? Please tell us a little bit (but we honestly prefer a lot..) about your amazing self!!

I am one of the five people that make up the company that we will be moving into Apache - Innovation Dock this october. I grew up in Sandved (many would say the best part of Sandnes!!), went to school both in Stavanger and Oslo before starting to work in Oslo in 1996. In 1999 I moved back to Stavanger, and now - with a wife and two daughters in school - I am starting my own business for the first time. I am genuinely interested in and fascinated by people and what drives them. I believe that understanding what motivates our generation and the generations to come is the key to understanding how we need to design, lead and manage the companies of today and tomorrow. This is also part of my motivation for embarking on a new journey, albeit with people that I thoroughly know and trust. They are the reason that I am confident that we will be successful with building our company.  

Q: What does your background look like? Let's dive into your CV for a moment! ;)

I myself have a technical background from NITH where I studied systems development, and in later years I have also complemented this with a Master of Management from BI. On to my work history, it's relevant to mention my time with Webstep, where I was given the opportunity to help build up our Stavanger branch.

However, the more interesting thing to discuss in this regard is the team that make out the partners in EIK. This company was never just one persons´ idea and the key to success for us will be in the sum of experience that our team represent. Within the team we have experience working on numerous projects across domains and technological platforms, but we also have the necessary experience developing business and building an organization of knowledge workers. And in the end what has brought us together is a joint desire to try to create a company that is different from our competitors in an effort to help our customers be even more successful than they are today. As everything is changing around us at an ever-increasing pace, so must we – as well as the way we organize our companies to support our customers in meeting these changes.  

EIK Management. Foto: Lise Norheim

Q: What is the focus of your business right now, we would love to hear more about what you are working on.

Right now we are fresh out of the starting blocks, and we are all working hard to get on track with everything we need to start talking to our customers about who we are and what we want to accomplish.

Q: What are some of the short term/long term plans for your business?

EIK is essentially a consulting company, but we want EIK to be different, both in terms of what our core competencies will be and how we want to work with our customers. Adding up the 80+ years of experience from consulting and management experience we have on our team, we know that setting up projects to succeed and running projects lean and efficient represents a potentially huge impact in terms of output and efficiency for many companies. Even though running projects is definitely not a new venture in any way, it is still one of the hardest things to get right.

Our short term goal is to improve project performance and output for customers we work with by leveraging our experience and forming even stronger relationships with our customers. Our long term goal is to shape and implement lasting changes in the project management process that our customers will implement in the future, and be at the forefront of this domain locally and nationally.  

Q: How, and when did your entrepreneurial journey start out?

To be honest, it doesn´t feel like an entrepreneurial journey so much as an urge to create a situation where I can test my own assumptions and be held accountable for the results. Over time you amass experience and form thoughts on how things could maybe be improved or done a little differently. For me, our company is the answer to those thoughts and ideas.

Q: How did you come up with your idea/concept?

The idea for what this company should be is not an idea that I came up with. It is the sum of many, many years of experience gained by the EIK team, and our idea of what we can achieve together with our customers if we are able to change both the way we and our customers work.

Q: What makes you passionate about your work?

People and impact are the two biggest elements that create motivation and passion for me. As a leader I find tremendous joy in seeing my colleagues grow and perform, and when that happens, more often than not we also make an impact in the work that we do with our customers. That equates to value for our customers and success for our company, which is what we are all working for!

Q: What do you believe are some qualities of a great coworking space, and why did you become a member of Innovation Dock?

I believe that a great coworking space, in the same way as any well-designed office space, fosters and facilitates co-operation and communication across disciplines and departments in order to increase overall productivity. In addition, as with any other workspace design, it needs to cater to all the needs workers within a coworking space have, i.e quiet zones, workshop areas, meeting rooms etc. The quality that only a great coworking space can produce however, is cooperation and communication that extends beyond any single company and potentially produce results, ideas and services that none of the companies would achieve on their own, even if they had the exact same workspace separately. For any small company starting up, being able to part-take in a coworking space with access to all basic infrastructure and services at a reasonable cost is extremely valuable. As part of the coworking space at Innovation Dock in Sandnes, we intend to contribute as much as we can socially to the community. In addition, we also believe that we bring valuable experience and knowledge that we will attempt to avail to the rest of the community, be it through workshops, presentations, partnerships or otherwise.

Want to know more about EIK Management? Check out their site HERE

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