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When we open the doors to our newest coworking-space in Sandnes, an awesome bunch of companies and resourceful individuals are ready to move in! Say hi to one of our exciting new members – Hilde Tavares.


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Hilde Tavares

Meet the Apache-members

Are you looking for a unique collaborative community that will help grow your business; and feeling curious about the awesome people who make up the startup-ecosystem in Sandnes? Alright, we were hoping you would say that, because we're super excited to introduce you to our Apache-members! Hilde Tavares is co-founder and visionary of a bbhugme, a rapidly growing global line of maternity products. With over a 15-year career, Hilde has set up three successful clinics, secured a post-graduate master (MSc APP Pediatrics) and specialist title in Pediatric Chiropractic. As an innovator, serial entrepreneur and mother of three, Hilde’s journey has been one of relentless persistence. Her series of successful ventures and initiatives are her way of being a part of something bigger than herself. Hilde continues to grow and make her mark as a doctor, speaker, innovator and entrepreneur.

Q&A with Hilde Tavares – mother, wife, chiropractor and co-founder of bbhugme (and self-proclaimed born optimist)

Q: Now, who are YOU? Please tell us a little bit (...or a lot) about your amazing self and your company. We would love to know more about what you’re working on!

I am a mother, wife, chiropractor and entrepreneur - pretty much prioritized in that order! Born and raised in Jæren, but always a traveller. I have never shied away from a meaningful challenge and one of my greatest strenghts is that I am "comfortable with being uncomfortable". Anyone who has already been on an entrepreneurial journey, resulting in success or not, knows what I mean by that. I am curious, creative and optimistic by nature – even when I have a serious face on. ;)

I am co-founder of the Norwegian premium pregnancy brand bbhugme,where I currently serve as chairwoman of board, product developer, content contributor, director of the health professional board and overall brand watch-dog. We started from absolute scratch back in 2014 and are now currently amidst a great international expansion. Our operational team currenty consists of 6 full-time female powerhouses (meaning they are super-good at what they do!)

The bbhugme® pillow is a worldwide category leader and is loved by mums across Scandinavia, the US and UK. The pillow went on to win the Best Design Award from the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture. We then went on to create more favourites in the mother-care category, each product designed with the same care and quality as the award-winning pillow.

Q: What do you believe are some qualities of a great coworking space, and how do you wish to contribute to the community at Innovation Dock?

The constant (positive!) reminder that we all still have so much to learn!  You should only stop learning the day you leave this earth for good. I love working with and around people that are smarter than me, and I expect to find many of those here at Apache. My best contribution will probably be through sharing my journey and the "pains and gains" we've been through as a startup, and now as a scaleup company. Knowledge about the "what not to do's" is often more valuable to a new entrepreneur than all the "what to do's".

Q: What are some of the short term/long term plans for your business?

Short term; bbhugme is launching in the US this fall, and we have an upcoming product launch too.

Long term; keep evolving and growing as humans and as a business, making a positive impact on the world. All while having fun and creating value for our shareholders.

Q: How, and when did your entrepreneurial journey start out?

I've always had a bit of Pippi in me and I think my journey has evolved organically over the years. :)

Q: What are som advice you would give new entrepreneurs who are just starting out?

- Create an "AS" from day 1, and start working on your brand identity immediately and not just the product(s) itself.

- Secure any IPR's you can before you introduce and make your product known to the market.

- In the beginning you probably can't afford to hire people to work for you, but what you can do is try to get highly skilled/ experienced people to serve on your company board. Many entrepreneurs who have experienced great success on their own in the past are at a point where they are willing and interested in "paying it forward"  to new entrepreneurs by contributing that way. However, keep in mind you'll only attract those people IF your idea/concept has enough potential and they believe in YOU!

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