Our growth programs build on a range of steps that will challenge what you thought you knew while simultaneously provide you with the skillset and support you need to succeed on your own unique entrepreneurial journey.


Increase your competence, networks and tools to clarify ideas and methods for establishment or growth. Well suited for companies both in position for expansion or mature companies where growth has stagnated. Experienced facilitators will guide you through a fast-track accelerator program, and the model you will become familiar with is from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) The method is used as a basis for working with challenges and improve solutions for collaboration and development in both private and public sector. Rogaland Municipality has applied Growth Lab as continues measure to enhance and grow the region’s travel industry.

We offer you

Fast-track acceleration course held by MIT-trained facilitators

The help to clarify ideas and methods to further grow your company

Flexibility – with the option of online meetups

Facilitators with a wide network and expertise

Why you should apply

Two day accelerator to make your idea market ready

The opportunity to match up and connect with others in your industry

Validation of idea and concept

Local knowledge and expertise

Guidance on what it takes to bring your idea to market


We’re looking for business ideas with international market potential and applications in the energy sector, in disciplines that involves design and development of new technology. Energy to the people is one of human civilizations biggest challenges. We believe that solving this problem can only be done by visionary people and advanced technology. That’s why we aim to help startups and entrepreneurs to complete the journey from idea to market as quickly as possible.

We offer you

8 weeks of one to one support, tailored to your company needs

The help to connect with the right investors for your company

Legal guidance in case of potential due diligence process

Proven model for business development from MIT in Boston

Free office space at Stavanger’s leading coworking space Innovation Dock

Facilitators with a wide network at your disposal

Why you should apply

Two-day accelerator to make your idea market ready

Match up with product development partners waiting for the right idea

Make your idea market-ready and optimized for market pitch

Local knowledge to expertise, financial and legal support

Opportunity to present your idea to a wide network of partners and investors

Access to skilled banking and fincance  advicers  at sparebank 1 sr-bank


Each year, over 100 entrepreneurs start their business whilst going through our Startup Academy. Everyone in Stavanger who starts up a business while they are on unemployment have the opportunity to benefit from our 17-week program for startups.

We offer you

A supportive environment for persons with an entrepreneurial mindset

The help to build a skillset for putting ideas into practice

Experienced facilitators and experts in a wide range of business disciplines

One to one support, tailored to your company needs

Why you should apply

Please contact your local NAV office for more information on applications


It takes courage, discipline and the right tools to breathe life into a new idea or business. Gründerhub pulls you out of the comfort zone and fuels the journey you have ahead of you. The program is held by MIT-trained coaches, business mentors and serial entrepreneurs. Since 2015, Gründerhub has created new 300 jobs. Boost.ai is experiencing great success with its chatbot. The company has around 80 employees and prices at NOK 1 billion. We have created 300 new jobs since starting up in 2015.

We offer you

Free program that solves your business’s obstacles in four months

Proven model for business development from MIT in Boston

Workshop with entrepreneurs and top executives

Facilitators with a wide network

Introduction to investors

Free office space in a coworking community

Why you should apply

300,000 NOK - in funding (Gründerhub Prize)*

The program develops entrepreneurs and creates jobs

To avoid typical startup traps

You will have access to skilled banking and finance advisers at SpareBank 1 SR-Bank


The world today faces major challenges. This requires important changes on many levels, and the changes are already underway. Are you one of those who take responsibility and understand that a sustainable business model is the future?

Investore and Innovation Dock are now launching a program for sustainable business development. Whether you have an innovative business model to present us with – or a company which you want to make more sustainable - we are here to help you in the process. Through Fauna, we donate up to NOK 2 million annually to circular funding directly to the companies participating in the Fauna program.

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